For IT-business owners

We design and execute cross-border M&A-transactions in the technology sector

Our primary objective is to maximize value for our clients. By designing and optimizing the deal structure and meticulously executing all critical and value-enhancing elements of the entire transaction process, we ensure the attainment of the most appealing price, payment, and deal terms. In essence, we are dedicated to your success by achieving a superior deal outcome.

Teamwork is Dreamwork

We work closely with our clients, engaging in a collaborative process to design and thoroughly assess and analyze the proposed transaction. This includes identifying the key value drivers, risks, and opportunities associated with the deal. Once this crucial framework is established, we remain actively involved throughout the entire life cycle of the deal, offering valuable guidance in the following areas:

Strategy and planning

Conducting an analysis of shareholder alternatives and providing advise and strategic planning guidance.

Company Valuation

Assessing the business and financial value drivers and risks, through meticulous valuation analysis.

Vendor due diligence

Identifying potential issues and deal-breakers through a comprehensive due diligence process.

Qualification of buyers and investors

Identifying and engaging with qualified strategic and financial buyers on an international scale.

Preparing marketing and information materials

Hands-on approach in the creation of marketing and informative as well as compelling documentation to attract potential buyers.

Design and negotiate the deal

Preparing and executing investor meetings, the bid process and finally negotiate price, terms and conditions prior to signing a Terms Sheet with the chosen investor.

Due Diligence, SPA and Closing

Providing support to the legal team throughout the due diligence and SPA process, with aim of closing the deal.

Excellence in execution

Executing an M&A transaction is a notably intricate endeavor. At LNP Corporate Finance, we bring together the requisite skills and expertise, combined with industry insights, analytical resources, and deep financial and M&A transaction skills to effectively navigate and successfully accomplish the mission.